Metallb and ingress-nginx

Goal: Have one of my LAN IP assigned to my ingress-nginx controller. In this way i can expose pods by using url on an ip of choice without the requirement of using NodePorts or external loadbalancers like HAproxy. Install metallb either by helm chart of by manifest: Please make sure when you define one […]

KVM with Terraform ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Install KVM and Bridge networking from one of the various sources from the net. The one i used was: Install terraform by using one of the many sources on the net: the one i used was: Here are the things not to forget: * On Ubuntu distros SELinux is enforced by qemu even […]

Use OPNsense as reverse proxy to gitlab on docker part 2

At this point gitlab is happy running on port 4000. But you want it to be accessible on port 443 and you do want to have the ability to have multiple SSL sites running on the same IP using SNI. And you dont want to add extra resources like a VM to get the job […]

Use OPNsense as reverse proxy to gitlab on docker part 1

Running gitlab-ce on docker is nowadays pretty easy. One needs to meet the following requirements to run gitlab in docker. Machine with at least 4GB RAM Machine has docker and docker-compose installed Internet connection to get the latest gitlab docker containers To start a gitlab-ce docker container create a docker-compose file with below contents: Wait […]

Download live stream to your device.

Sometimes you are hearing a live stream you want to save so you can play it offline in your car for instance. De site itself is most of the time not very helpful in saving the file offline. There is hope, there is a site called Just copy and past the link and let […]

Fast {en|de}cryption with 7z

I was in need of a flexible encryption solution for a large amount of files. After trying VHD with Veracrypt which was not fast and flexible enough for my use case. I resorted to 7z with no compression. Your files are encrypted and protected 7z.exe a -p -mx=0 -mhe -t7z -sdel -v4000M .\<dir_of_your_7z_dir>\>your_archive.7z> .\<yourfilelocation> a […]

Alternative to Synology Cloudsync : OneDrive Client for Linux under Docker

I recently came into the possession of a DS920+. This was a replacement for my DS1010+. While switching Synology devices i also switched cloud providers. I found out the hard way that Synology Cloudsync was not performing as expected. Failed transfers did not seemed to be logged, and 1 out of every 2 files i […]

Adding indents in jinja

Sometimes it is necessary to indent blocks in jinja. Jinja offers a nice function for this:

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